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St. Benedict Unbreakable Military Paracord Rosary

St. Benedict Unbreakable Military Paracord Rosary

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This unbreakable rosary is fashioned using military-grade parachute cord that is very strong and very durable. It is more flexible and less bulky than paracord and is manufactured in the USA.

Black 8mm beads and a 9mm Center Bead are machined in the USA from industrial plastic that is extremely tough (these are not inexpensive molded plastic craft pony beads that break).

A 2” die cast metal (non magnetic) St. Benedict Crucifix made in Italy is affixed to the rosary. Once here in the USA, the crucifix was given a matte finish to make it non reflective. You will never have to worry about the corpus separating from the cross as it is one piece. The crucifix is attached directly to the rosary by the nylon braided cord without any ring, making for a sturdier rosary.


  • 2" metal crucifix
  • 14" long